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Pink Promiss aims for more publicity and tolerance for the lesbian gay, queer, transvestite/drags, bi and transgender scene, in order to break through the taboo in Holland & Europe. The Election Miss Travesty of Europe is a serious part of the Election Miss Travestie Holland®

In Europe there is still a large taboo towards homo-sexuality and heterosexual transvestism. Due to this, Pink Promiss organizes special for all Transvestites/Drags, (only to Drag Acts) in Europe this Election with the title:  “Miss Travesty of Europe”.
The participants of the European Travesty Elections, only to drag acts, be exclusively nominated by an International jury selected by Pink Promiss, after which the winner “Miss Travesty of Europe©” will be announced.

All candidates who have won a drag race in Europe are automatically placed in the Finals of Miss Travesty Europe.
The Election Miss Travesty of Europe is organized online through the website:  www.misstravestyofeurope.eu

This means no pre-round/no-heat in bathing costumes or an evening dresses.

ENTER and UPLOAD your best photo or YouTube film, it is so easy!

We are looking for a Miss who knows who she is, who is herself, someone who can make a Statement and will fight for the title: Miss Travesty of Europe©
Miss Travesty of Europe© will be nominated!
Europe will not be able to ignore this, theTransvestite/ Drag is beautiful on the inside and on the outside!
The purpose of this yearly event is more acceptance and tolerance.
Unknown makes unloved!

Access the registration form for the election Miss Travesty Europe www.misstravestyofeurope.eu

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